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THE ActresS lipSTICK was inspired by me starting an acting career 5 years ago. Never did I think life would take me into the world of acting but 3 movies as a leading actress later and here I am. Check out my movie LAX on FOX's app TUBI 

The Beauty Queen lipstick is inspired by my time as a titleholder. I was honored to hold titles such as Mrs Hollywood, Mrs United States and Mrs Regency International. i LOVE Makeup and figuring out how to do my own MOTIVATED me to MAKE my own lipsticks. I'm forever thankful for this time in my life. 


The Influencer lipstick is inspired by my time as an influencer. I have been lucky to work for some incredible brands and celebrities.  Influencer jobs are not always Instagram based photos. Influencer jobs can lead to major careers if  you know what to do. Use social media as a chance to network and build your brand. 

The Spice Queen lipstick is inspired by me simply being a FOODIE!!! Being a military spouse has allowed me to travel all over the world and respect  many cultures. I love spicy food and trying amazing food. The more you travel , the more you explore. I dare you to get out there and try food from all corners of the world. There is amazing flavors and giving them all a try will change your life and understanding of the world!!!!

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